UPDATE: COVID-19 Business Strategies

PARMEY Consulting LLC provides businesses and government agencies with professionally objective independent advice. Our strategic planning team at PARMEY is lead by the principal author of some of the world’s largest and most complex strategic plans in modern history. Our talented professionals can examine an organization to determine the impact a security or compliance failure might have on the operation, the company’s reputation, and business objectives. Our services can include the evaluation of an entire enterprise or focus on a discrete program. However, we always look at the effect of efficiency, security and compliance of the organization’s mission.

PARMEY’s highly experienced professionals implement solutions to meet the needs of our clients and recognize that technical improvements cannot be made without considering organizational changes that will make them effective. By identifying weaknesses in an organization’s policies and practices, PARMEY can help improve security and general compliance. Training is also at the core of implementing new policies and procedures. Our staff can train an organization’s members to understand improved policies and practices so they are best equipped to implement and follow new organizational changes.

What can PARMEY Consulting do for my organization?

Risk Analysis

Improve security and increase your company's effectiveness and efficiency.

  1. Better Product
  2. More Productive Employees
  3. Highly Satisfied Customers
  4. Increased Profit Margin